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Services ecosystem

Since 2007, OR GROUP has been developing a line of financial services for customers. Financial services are an extension of the Company's retail strategy and allow the Company to build long-term relationships with customers, form a wide audience of loyal customers, and, as a result, increase the Group's revenues and profitability.

*As of 31.12.2020

2 800 000+
loyalty cardholders*

1 500 000+
customers used financial services of the Group

of purchases are made using loyalty cards

The development of financial services is connected with the changes that are taking place in the modern retail industry — stores no longer merely sell goods, but act as multi-functional service centres; the boundaries between formats are erased: shops are both pickup points and points for payments, getting insurance, etc.

OR GROUP creates an ecosystem of services, constantly complementing it with new services to cover the everyday needs of the audience in quality services as much as possible.


The Company is currently developing additional services within the Arifmetika system. This is an innovative loyalty program that combines both the traditional savings and discount system with financial services. In 2020, the number of members of the loyalty program, which operates in all retail chains belonging to the Group, increased by 11.4% to 2.841 million, compared to 2.55 million in 2019. 59% of purchases during the reporting period were made using loyalty cards.

Instalment payment is one of OR GROUP's services. In 2007, the Company was the first one on the shoe market to offer its customers a consumer lending program. Then in 2009, the Group started its own loan program and introduced the service of buying shoes with instalment payments. Since the project inception and to date, more than 1.5 million customers have purchased goods under the program, more than 53% of them used the service more than once. The Company is constantly improving the service: in 2020, it implemented the possibility of signing an instalment payment agreement with the help of a simple electronic signature.

Cash loans are the second most popular service. The Company launched this project in 2010. The Group includes Arifmetika MCC LLC, which specializes in microfinance activities. The peculiarity of this service is that the Group provides cash loans only to regular customers who have already purchased shoes paying by instalments and have successfully fulfilled their obligations to the Company. Most customers get a loan before they receive their salary and for current consumer needs. In addition to instalment payment and cash loans, under the Arifmetika system, customers also have access to services such as payment of service charges at the cash desk, e-wallet, etc. All these services are implemented with payment cards.

Cash loans are the line that grew in 2020. According to the results of the year, the revenue from cash loans issuing increased by 23.7%, the average loan amount — by 26.3%, and the portfolio — by 17.3%. This line allowed OR GROUP to generate cash flow even in conditions when most of the company's stores did not function during the period of anti-pandemic restrictions. The Group consider add-on services for customers to be promising, especially in a remote format.

In 2020, client’s account on the web-site started to operate providing some additional services. Using it, customers can get information about the available limits, calculate payments, see the history of issued contracts, make payments by the card of any bank without fee, as well as credit money, etc. The share of repayment of loans through client’s profile in the 2nd half of 2020 was 1%, in December 2020 the share increased to 2%.


To manage and maintain financial services, the Company has a separate department, which comprises more than 300 professionals. Moreover, the Group developed its own IT system, in which instalment payment and cash loan contracts can be processed and managed online. The IT platform allows flexible customization of promotions and personalization of offers for Company customers. GROUP was one of the first companies in the Russian retail industry to introduce a blockchain for managing financial services as well, namely, to protect the personal data of customers who use instalment payments and cash loans.

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