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Logistic infrastructure development

Since the end of 2018, the Company has been implementing a strategy of integrating the company into the logistic infrastructure of the Russian e-commerce market. As part of this strategy, the project of launching partner pick-up points based on stores is operating within the Group. At the end of 2020, the number of pick-up points exceeded 2,300. The Company's stores are becoming full-fledged logistic units in the structure of the Russian online trading market.

OR GROUP has the infrastructure to deliver goods to any region thanks to a large retail network and footprint throughout Russia which is the competitive advantage of the Company's online store. This allows to reduce logistics costs, offer customers a click and collect service (it now accounts for 90% of all purchases in the Company's online store) and solve the tasks of goods’ quick delivery more effectively. In fact, each of the Company's stores serves as a small warehouse and a pickup point. Other delivery formats are available to customers of the marketplace and OR GROUP online store as well: with SDEK and DPD courier services, and Russian Post. 


As part of its strategy to integrate into the logistics infrastructure of the online trading market, OR GROUP has been implementing a project of partner pick-up points (PUPs) based on stores since autumn 2018. At the end of 2020, the Company had 13 partners, including major logistics operators such as PickPoint, DPD, Russian Post, Sberlogistics and others, as well as online retailers Wildberries and OZON. In September 2020, OR GROUP became the first network partner of Wildberries to open a pick-up point. In early 2021, the Group started to cooperate with Yandex.Market in the issuance of parcels, as well as with one of the world's largest IT and logistics operators Cainiao (Cainiao Network is part of Alibaba Group) in the placement of parcel lockers for receiving AliExpress orders. Initially, parcel lockers were located in 98 outlets of OR GROUP in cities such as Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Omsk, Tyumen, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, and Ufa. In 2021, their number could increase to 200.

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In 2020, the Group increased the number of PUPs by more than 30%, from 1,732 to 2,312, and in 2021, their number will double. OR GROUP expands its pool of partners in the PUP project, which every month raises the volume of delivered parcels. In 2020, the Company saw more than a twofold increase in the volume of parcel delivery. In December 2020, this figure amounted to more than 308,000 parcels, which was 44% higher than the volume of deliveries in November (215,000). For 12 months of 2020, the Company delivered more than 1.2 million parcels through its stores. In December, the traffic of customers who come for online orders from partners accounted for 20.6% of the total foot traffic. By the end of 2021, the Group plans to grow the volume of parcels to 500,000 per month.

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The pick-up point project provides a significant increase in foot traffic: in 2020 OR GROUP additionally attracted 1.5 million customers; in 2021 the Company intends to raise traffic to sales points by 6 million people. Partners such as Wildberries, PickPoint, and DPD make a significant contribution to the traffic increase. The group also receives additional income in the form of a commission, which OR GROUP plans to triple in 2021.

Number of PUPs, at the end of the year

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