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Wholesale customers

OR GROUP actively began to develop new wholesale direction in 2006, and today, it’s an independent business unit within the Group, along with retail. OR GROUP wholesale is represented throughout Russia. The aim of the wholesale is to provide small retail shops with the area of 100 sq.m with the maximum choice of shoes, and to give these shops an opportunity to remain competitive on the market and not to overlap in range with the OR GROUP networks.

OR GROUP wholesales the following range of goods:

Westfalikа — women’s and men’s footwear;

Lisette — collection of fashionable ladies’ shoes and accessories;

all.go — women’s winter boots, women’s and men’s summer and garden footwear manufactured with the use of EVA-materials;

Rossita — ladies’ footwear;

S-TEP — women’s and men’s casual footwear.


Natalia Shorohova,
the head of the wholesale office, Novosibirsk

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