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Since 2008, OR GROUP has been assigned creditworthiness ratings (an agreement with a rating agency, Expert RA CJSC, for assigning ratings).

The credit rating (creditworthiness rating) is assigned to companies in all economy sectors and shows subjective opinion of the Expert RA rating agency concerning the ability of the company to fulfill its financial obligations in time and in full.

The creditworthiness rating technique is adjusted to specific characteristics of the Russian market and does not take into account the country risk of Russia, i.e. the credit rating is assigned by the agency only according to the national scale. The credit rating includes a forecast of possible changes in the economic environment and assessment of prospects for company development in the midterm.

In June 2021, Expert RA rating agency affirmed the ruBBB rating of OR GROUP and raised the outlook from developing to stable.

Group's profitability is high; the EBITDA margin in 2020 was 21% (in 2019 — 26%). The high marginality of the Group has a positive influence on the rating even considering weaker performance in 2020. The Group's anticipated liquidity is assessed at a moderately high level due to the negotiations held in 2020-2021 with lending banks and revision of repayment schedules and limit actualization. Corporate risks support the rating. Group's transparency degree is highly evaluated as well as the corporate management system with the observation of the rights of all stakeholders and the risk management organization quality.


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